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Through patient-centered service and a full complement of staff, we bring together the deep emotion of the birth of a new life, and the joy of child-raising.
People often say that they first understand life when they have their own children. But, as if people who dislike things without trying them are increasing, along with numerous other factors, the birthrate is declining, and people who have children are more and more a treasure of society. In our efforts to support and assist those people, we strive to improve the safety of childbirth as much as possible, while also taking comfort into account.

Even with today's medical development, it is unknown if a birth will proceed smoothly or not until it is all over. So we work with the expecting mother from early in the pregnancy to increase the chances of a birth without irregularities.

Our clinics are fully arrayed with a system of multiple doctors always available, anesthetic by anesthesiology specialists, coordination with high-level medical institutions, and a front line of midwives who constantly monitor the progress of delivery. Just as each person is an individual, so is childbirth of infinite variety, and we would like to follow-through with you from a delivery order-made to your desires, to the joy of child-raising.

Kishokai Medical Corporation Clinical Director,  Green Bell ART Clinic Director Mikihiko Kato

Graduated from Gifu University School of Medicine
Former staff of Nagoya University
Former OB/GYN staff of Inazawa City Hospital
Former staff of Asada Ladies’ Clinic
Perinatology; Infertility; Reproductive Physiology;
Licensed Specialist, Japan Society of Obstetrics/Gynecology
Japan Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology;
Japan Society of Perinatal & Neonatal Medicine;
Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine;
Japan Society of Fertilization & Implantation

Messages from our Clinic and Division Directors

  • We aspire to be a clinic that is regionally loved and trusted./Seven Bell Clinic Director/Seiji Nomura
  • We will do our utmost for your child's care, and watch over the health of your family./Kishokai Med. Corp. Pediatrics Division Director/Yoichiro Yanase
  • We will help the birth of a new life with all our might./Rose Bell Clinic Director/Takashi Mitsui
  • We will walk arm-in-arm with expecting mothers towards childbirth./Green Bell Clinic Director/Shino Ishimatsu
  • We will provide the gentlest care for both mother and child./Angel Bell Hospital Director/Mitsumasa Iwata
  • The emotion of the birth of a new life leads into the joy of child raising./Alps Bell Clinic Director/Masaaki Yamaguchi
  • We aspire to be your family doctors./Royal Bell Clinic Director/Yoshimitsu Niwa
  • We want to be the family doctors of the women of this region./Forest Bell Clinic Director/Yoshiro Iinuma
  • We strive to improve the safety of childbirth and the quality of life for mother and child./Kishokai Med. Corp. Dental Division Director/Chihiro Kondo