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Through consolidation that answers regional needs, we can make 24-hour, worry-free obstetric care a reality.
In recent years, with more and more hospitals closing their obstetrics wards due to lack of obstetrics/gynecology specialists, and expectant mothers having to deliver their babies in remote locations, the circumstances surrounding delivery care have become more and more serious. Against this background, there are the harsh working conditions of obstetricians, which cause privately run clinics to close and young doctors to avoid obstetrics, spurring on the decline of the obstetrician population. Kishokai Medical Company has set out with like-minded obstetrics specialists to break this vicious circle, aiming to build a new regional health care model that can both improve the labor conditions of physicians and raise the level of health care service.

Already Kishokai Medical Company is operating clinics in a number of regions, coordinating with many obstetrics specialists to build a system where multiple full-time specialists are always available, as well as maintaining a full complement of staff, including midwives. Thus, we are maintaining 24-hour, worry-free care system, while creating an environment that reduces physicians' overwork and allows the staff to work with composure and sense of purpose. Also, we make the utmost use of the merits of group management, leveling standards of care and promoting treatment by multiple physicians. We continue to strive to raise the level of health care service, coordinating with other specialties such as pediatrics, and establishing high-level medical facilities.
The wish to trust in a nearby doctor. The wish to share the birth and growth of a new life with one's family. We are moving forward with a structure that will fulfill these wishes.
In these days of growth of the nuclear family and social advancement of women, the environment surrounding expectant mothers has changed greatly, and their delivery medicine needs have diversified. We at Kishokai Medical Company will continue to inquire into the shape of medical service that best fits the times, ringing the bells of happiness in each town as new families share the joy of childbirth.

Kishokai Medical Corporation CEO Mamoru Yamashita

Graduated from Nagoya University School of Medicine
Former OB/GYN staff of Inazawa City Hospital
Former OB/GYN staff of Nagoya University Hospital
Perinatology; Gynecologic Oncology; Anesthesiology;
Medical Specialist, JSOG; Medical Specialist, JSA
Japan Society of Obstetrics & Gynecology;
Japan Society of Perinatal & Neonatal Medicine;
Japan Society for Reproductive Medicine;
Japan Society of Fertilization & Implantation

The Distinctive Features of the Bell Network

A system with 2 obstetrics specialists available at all times

Through coordination of group clinics, we've built a management system wherein 2 obstetricians are available at all times.
We've built a system wherein with the coordination between clinics and veteran full-time physicians, there are always two OB/GYN physicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Not just for deliveries, but to respond to emergency examinations outside of examination hours. We provide high-level medical care service.

A system of consistent care for mother and child

Nursing system・A variety of classes・Complete facilities
With over 10 midwives assigned to each clinic, Bell-net maintains a system that allows us to give the expectant mother meticulous attention. The midwives conduct enriching classes, and are quite popular.
Also, every clinic has a free day nursery, so that even after childbirth mothers can bring their children with them to the clinic.
Mother classes with OB/
GYNs and nutritionists
Child care center with
resident nursery teacher
All kinds of classes at the clinics (Maternity Yoga / Baby Massage)

Coordination with the multiple specialties concerning women and children

Through coordination between obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics, we can respond in total to the medical needs of mother and child.
16. In every clinic, we practice not just obstetrics, but also gynecological care, such as full health examinations for women, and gynecological surgery. Also we comprehensively cover women and children, childbirth and child rearing, through pediatric health examinations and pediatrician presence at childbirth, and maternity dentistry. Further, we provide high-level specialty care service heretofore difficult to access in most regional health centers, such as establishing assisted reproduction technology centers that provide such high level infertility treatment as in vitro fertilization and microfertilization.

Our nursing philosophy

Supporting women's health through their whole lives, we will help you form a link to the future.