Kishokai Medical Corporation Kishokai Medical Corporation

Kishokai Medical Corporation Kishokai Medical Corporation

Industry-University Collaborative Research

Nagoya Graduate School of Medicine Bell Research Center Obstetrics
Industry-University Collaborative Research


"Contribution to the development of medicine through academic activities" is
part of Kishokai Medical Corporation's vision.
In order to accomplish this, we have gathered abundantly experienced researchers that,
armed with state-of-the-art investigative equipment and in collaboration with the
Nagoya University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, are conducting research in these primary areas.

  1. ①The mechanism of invasion process by gynecological malignancies
  2. ②Placental function and prevention of preterm birth
  3. ③Explication of ovarian function and the mechanism of implantation
  4. ④Construction and analysis of a perinatal database

Our Research

This research course engages in daily research split primarily into four groups: the neoplasm group,
the fertilization group, the perinatal group, and the anesthesiology group.

Our Research Laboratory

Our Primary Equipment

Our Research Staff

Our research staff together do their utmost to develop world-class research results.