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Legal Disclaimer

The website located at (hereafter, "this website") must be used according to the following legal disclaimers.

Protection of Personal Information

So that you may use this website without worry, we have formulated guidelines for the use of personal information, and present them here.
Personal information provided to this website by users will be used for survey taking for the improvement of clinic operations, medical services, and this website. Said personal information will not be shown or provided to third parties. Kishoaki will manage the information with the utmost care.

  1. Access Data

    This website may automatically collect user data (non-personal information provided by the internet provider such as domain name, operating system, etc.) This information is purely to confirm the computing environment through which users view this website, and personal data such as email addresses, etc. are not collected. At the same time, this website collects the above data to count the number of unique visits and visitors. This information is collected for statistical purposes, and information that could identify individuals (email addresses, etc.) is not included.

  2. Revision or Deletion of Personal Information

    If a user desires to revise or delete the personal information provided, for whatever reason, we have prepared an email address to handle such requests.

  3. Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

    If you have an inquiry about regarding personal information and Kishokai, please use the following contact information.

    【Kishokai Med. Corp. Personal Information Advisory Office】
    Person-in-charge: Shunji Okumura

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