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Kishokai's Overseas Projects

Kishokai is working to expand Japanese’s high-quality perinatal care overseas, contributing to those countries' welfare.

With Vietnam as a bridgehead, Kishokai intends to expand Japanese-style perinatal care horizontally to other ASEAN countries, Mongolia, and eventually, to Africa.


Bangladesh June 30th, 2018

Bangladesh Business Partner Dr. Hossain Comes to Japan

Dr. Moazzem Hossain, graduate of the Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine, has established Aichi Group, which includes a general hospital, a medical school, and nursing school, and is currently operating a private medical school, East-West Medical College and Specialist Hospital, in the capital, Dhaka. In order to explore whether Kishokai might be able to collaborate on the perinatal care department in the planned explansion of the hospital attached to the Medical College, Dr. Hossain came to Japan to meet with Kishokai's CEO, Dr. Mamoru Yamashita. Dr. Hossain is a practicing pediatrician who attended the Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine 30 years ago, and knows Dr. Yamashita from his student days. The two had first spoken of this idea when Dr. Yamashita visited Bangladesh in April of this year, and this was an opportunity to continue that discussion. In addition to meeting with Kishokai, Dr. Hossain joined Dr. Yamashita in meeting with Dr. Seiichi Matsuo, President of Nagoya University; Dr. Yoshihito Watanabe, Vice-President; Dr. Naoki Ishiguro, Director of Nagoya University Hospital; Dr. Kenji Kadomatsu, Dean of the Medical School, and Dr. Hisami Ando, President of Aichi Prefectural Colony, for talks regarding how Nagoya University, Kishokai, and the Bangladesh medical field might proceed with collaborative efforts. The hospital expansion currently under construction is scheduled to be completed in summer of 2019, and Kishokai intends to continue discussions to further explore how it might more effectively contribute to this project.

Dr. Seiichi Matsuo, President of Nagoya University
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