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Overseas Activities

Kishokai's Overseas Projects

Kishokai is working to expand Japanese’s high-quality perinatal care overseas, contributing to those countries' welfare.

With Vietnam as a bridgehead, Kishokai intends to expand Japanese-style perinatal care horizontally to other ASEAN countries, Mongolia, and eventually, to Africa.


Vietnam June 30th, 2020

Concluding a Hospital Management Support Agreement with Phuong Chau International Hospital

Hospital Management Support Agreement was concluded on June 30th 2020 with Phoung Chau International Hospital (a general hospital, centered on perinatal care, located in Can Tho City, Vietnam). Some services have started from July 1st.
From July 2018, for about a year and a half, as preparation for the introduction of Japanese-style perinatal care centered on natural childbirth, we dispatched Kishokai's staff to provide knowledge and skills training and to provide technical guidance via advice and instructions for clinical practice. At the same time, as we will be introducing new services to the market, we have been promoting marketing activities, in collaboration with local staff, in order to support Japanese-style perinatal care from a business perspective. In the future, in collaboration with local staff, we will aim to further improve the quality of medical services, pursuing high-quality medical services according to Japanese standards. Our spirit of omotenashi will enable Mekong Delta women and their families to rely on us both physically and mentally, allowing us to contribute to maternal and child health in Vietnam. Due to the current corona virus situation, we are providing marketing support remotely, but as soon as travel restrictions in both countries are relaxed, medical support will also begin. First of all, we plan to build a Japanese-style perinatal medical center in the Mekong Delta region, and then we will look to other major cities and areas where the need is present.

Vietnam July 7th, 2018

Signing of Medical Cooperation Contract

Kishokai has signed a Medical Cooperation Contract with Phuong Chau International Hospital, a general hospital focusing on OB/GYN in Can Tho City, in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Interest in Kishokai's medical cooperation was quite high in Can Tho, as shown by the attendance of 200 people to the signing ceremony, including high ranked officials from the municipal government and Ministry of Health, as well as many journalists. Over the next half year, Kishokai medical professionals will work to provide technical guidance to the local medical professionals, and further raise the level of medical care.

Dr. Ho, director of Phuong Chau International Hospital, and Dr. Yamashita, CEO of Kishokai Medical Corporation - signing ceremony
View of the press conference
Vietnam February 15th, 2018

Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Phuong Chau International Hospital

In early February, 2018, the executives from Phuong Chau International Hospital, a hospital specializing in perinatal care in Can Tho City, Vietnam, in the heart of the Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam, came to Japan to visit and observe Kishokai's facilities. After discussions, both companies agreed to conduct collaborative and cooperative activities for the technical improvement of medical services, and signed a memorandum of understanding to that effect. Phuong Chau International Hospital is developing as a maternal and child health center in Can Tho, a city of approximately 1.6 million people, and the major metropolitan area for the Mekong Delta region (population approximately 16 million). Going forward, the two companies will collaborate for the improvement of medical services, and explore further business opportunities in that region.

Signing the MOU with Phuong Chau International Hospital
Vietnam January 10th, 2018

Visiting a Hospital in Can Tho City, Southern Vietnam

From January 5th to the 7th, Kishokai went to Phuong Chau International Hospital, a OB/GYN specialty hospital in southern Vietnam's Mekong Delta city of Can Tho, to visit and observe the facilities, and discuss future medical cooperation. Phuong Chau International Hospital is a 100-bed private hospital specializing in OB/GYN, infertility treatment, and pediatrics. It takes pride in providing top class medical care, and is known for providing service emphasizing hospitality. Phuong Chau hopes that through medical support with Kishokai it can further refine its medical services, and Kishokai will proactively work to accurately understand Phuong Chau's needs and consider plans for support, exploring the possibilities for future cooperation.

Observational Visit of Phuong Chau International Hospital
Vietnam December 1st, 2017

Observational Visit of Hospitals in Da Nang

On November 27th, 2017, staff from Kishokai went to Da Nang City in central Vietnam, for observational visits of Da Nang Women and Children's Hospital, Da Nang General Hospital, and the private hospital Family Hospital. Da Nang, about an hour's flight away from Ho Chi Minh City, lies between Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, and with a population of 1.34 million is the core metropolitan area of central Vietnam. Previously, the Da Nang municipal authorities had expressed a strong wish to an international Japanese corporation to have a general hospital built to provide Japanese-style medical services, and that corporation expressed a desire to cooperate with Kishokai on the OB/GYN services. At this time, staff from Kishokai joined with the members of that lead Japanese corporation and other medical professionals to visit Da Nang Deputy Mayor Ho Ky Minh, as well as to conduct initial research into the current state of maternal and child health in Da Nang. Da Nang Women and Children's Hospital has over 900 beds, and handles about 15,000 deliveries per year. It is a national hospital that is also a teaching hospital for Da Nang University of Medical Science and the training of other health professionals in the surrounding area. Women & Children's Hospital Deputy Director Anh expressed a strong desire for cooperation in the improvement of maternal and child health in Da Nang and the surrounding area, and plans are to continue discussions between all parties to create a collaboration system.

Observational Visit of Da Nang Women and Children's Hospital
Vietnam November 20th, 2017

In-hospital Research in Vietnam

From November 12th to 15th, 2017, a team from Kishokai consisting of a doctor, midwife, and nurse, visited Vinh Long General Hospital (600 beds), the largest hospital in the Mekong Delta region, in order to ascertain the level of medical care in Vietnam. Vinh Long General Hospital is a large-scale medical facility with experienced medical staff serving the local residents. Kishokai's team observed the OB/GYN, pediatrics, and neonatal care wards, and held long discussions with hospital doctors and staff regarding current issues and areas for improvement. We were able to confirm various differences from medical care service, and will work to effectively harmonize Japanese-style and Vietnamese-style care as we expand our services to Vietnam.

At Vinh Long Hospital
Vietnam October 25th, 2017

Executives from Kishokai's Vietnam Project Partner Visit Japan

On October 20th, 2017, executives from Kishokai's project partner in Vietnam came to Japan to visit and observe Castle Bell Clinic and Nagoya University Hospital. In the morning, Kishokai introduced its operational system and the advantages of its network of clinics, and the two companies held discussions regarding how hospital operation might be done with in the project currently under consideration. One executive said, "Kishokai's efficient operations through separation of the medical side and the management side is very interesting, and in particular the advantages of network operation could be strategically developed in Vietnam as well. We would like to join forces with Kishokai to contribute to maternal and child health through business development throughout Vietnam." Going forward, Kishokai will continue to explore and prepare for the opening of one facility in Ho Chi Minh as a bridgehead, while also examining other regions where lateral expansion might be possible.

CEO Mamoru Yamashita and executives from our Vietnam project partner
Vietnam September 26th, 2016

Plans for a Ho Chi Minh Clinic in Progress

As we continue our project for a perinatal care hospital in Ho Chi Minh, we have reached basic agreement with our local partners for project development. We are proceeding with preparations to open by the end of 2017.

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