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Overseas Activities

Kishokai's Overseas Projects

Kishokai is working to expand Japanese’s high-quality perinatal care overseas, contributing to those countries' welfare.

With Vietnam as a bridgehead, Kishokai intends to expand Japanese-style perinatal care horizontally to other ASEAN countries, Mongolia, and eventually, to Africa.


Cambodia May 15th, 2018

Cambodia Activities Report

In August of 2016, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Kishokai and Calmette National Hospital, the leader of Cambodia's medical services, for the training and development of local doctors and medical staff. Since then, over the period of 2016 to 2017, Kishokai doctors have visited Calmette to hold multiple special lecture workshops.
Going forward, Kishokai intends to continue to explore and develop possibilities for medical cooperation in Cambodia centered on human resource development.

Cambodia February 25th, 2017

2nd Special Lectures Workshop at Calmette National Hospital

On February 20th, Kishokai held the second Special Lecture Workshop at Calmette National Hospital, titled, "Perspectives in Obstetric and Regenerative Medicine: Beyond Basic Medicine". At this session, Kishokai was joined by lecturers from the Nagoya University School of Medicine Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, to provide special lectures to over 100 local health care professionals.
After lectures on specialized subjects in obstetrics, neonatology, and stem cell treatments (including cord blood banks), there was a sub-session for each subject, with vigorous Q&A where the local doctors could ask many questions about Japanese-style care's approach to some of the biggest issues, such as response to heavy hemorraging caused by placenta accreta or placenta previa. The session was also attended by Deputy Director General Sim of the Ministry of Health and Dr. Sonya, deputy director of Calmette Hospital. The Deputy Director General commented that his hoped the workshops would continue to be held, so that Cambodia's maternal and child health care services could be further developed.

Group Photo, Calmette National Hospital
Cambodia August 29th, 2016

Special Lectures at Calmette National Hospital

Over two days from August 29th to the 30th, in cooperation with Nagoya University, Kishokai conducted special lectures on perinatal care and oncology at Calmette National Hospital in Cambodia.
Director General of Calmette, Professor Chheang Ra said at the opening ceremony, which was attended by the Vice-Minister and many other officials of the Ministry of Health, "I anticipate a sustained relationship of technical cooperation between Japan and Cambodia in the field of medicine, as we develop human resources for health."
Professor Fumitaka Kikkawa and Associate Professor Hiroaki Kajiyama of Nagoya University, along with Dr. Mamoru Yamashita and Dr. Takashi Mitsui of Kishokai lectured to over 150 local doctors, nurses, and medical students regarding the current status of perinatal care and oncology in Japan. Also, at a separate session, midwives and expecting mothers were given practical instruction in nutrition by Kishokai midwife Hiroko Hatanaka, and maternity yoga by instructor Mika Ishihara.
Kishokai will explore possibilities for mutual collaboration for the cultivation and exchange of human resources for health in perinatal care, and as part of that, our CEO Dr. Mamoru Yamashita was named a Visiting Physician at Calmette Hospital. Using this lecture as a springboard, we intend to continue sustained human resource exchange and cultivation activities going forward.

Special Lecture in Cambodia
Cambodia October 31st, 2015

Hospital Visits in Phnom Penh

In anticipation of hospital development projects in Cambodia, and in order to fully grasp the current state of health care there, our CEO Dr. Mamoru Yamashita and members of the Overseas Development Division visited local hospitals in Phnom Penh at the end of October, 2015. We visited Calmette Hospital, the center of local health care administration; the National Maternal Child Health Center, which is receiving support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency; and other large hospitals and obstetrics facilities, where we observed the state of local health care and held discussions with local obstetrician/gynecologists.
With a GDP growth rate is 7.2%, and an average age of 24.5 years, Cambodia is a young country, with great potential. Our Overseas Development Division held meetings with Ministry of Health leaders and observed large general hospitals and obstetrics facilities as a first step in exploring opportunities for projects in Cambodia, which can be seen as a target of future development after we establish a headquarters facility in neighboring Vietnam.
While this visit put the issues facing Cambodian health care in sharp relief, at the same time we can fully anticipate opportunities for the overseas introduction of Japanese-style perinatal care. In the future we will continue to study and explore business development, as we form cooperative relationships with the local government authorities and leading hospitals.

Dr. Heng Tai Kry, State Secretary, Ministry of Health, Cambodia
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