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Kishokai's Overseas Projects

Kishokai is working to expand Japanese’s high-quality perinatal care overseas, contributing to those countries' welfare.

With Vietnam as a bridgehead, Kishokai intends to expand Japanese-style perinatal care horizontally to other ASEAN countries, Mongolia, and eventually, to Africa.


Myanmar July 24th, 2016

Hospital Visits in Myanmar

We visited Myanmar, which in March of 2016 had just seen a change of government. For five days from July 24th to the 28th, we conducted an initial study of the local medical services and conditions, visiting the former capital Yangon, the new capital Naypyidaw, and various public and private hospitals, as well as Ministry of Health offices located there.
At our meeting with Dr. Myint Han, Director General of the Department of Medical Services, he suggested one issue is that human resources are extremely concentrated in the urban areas, and that disparities in the health care of different regions, as well as underdevelopment of the doctor training systems there, make development of human resources difficult. When our CEO, Dr. Mamoru Yamashita, suggested that Kishokai could contribute in a small way through support in human resource cultivation, Dr. Myint Han said he would like us to positively consider inviting local doctors to Japan for training.
With this observational visit, we heard requests for support in human resource cultivation from many hospital officials, and we would like continue discussions with these hospitals, and examine ways in which we could support them in this area.

Professor Myint Han, Director-General, Department of Medical Services, Myanmar Ministry of Health
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